The Midnight Wal-Mart Photo Run

Nowadays, everyone has Facebook and smartphones with selfie capabilities… but, back in the mid 2000’s, putting pictures up was a BITCH. I mean, you had to know someone with a website… which we did.

Then, you had to convince that person to let you host your photos there… which happened.

Then, you had to have someone with a digital camera… which we did.

Then, someone had to take the pictures… which happened.

Then, we all had to caption the fucking things back in the day when a page of text took longer than two seconds to load, let alone JPEGs. Thankfully, we had our burned CDs and portable CD players which, if carefully balanced, would do to distract us while Napster-

-I’ve said too much…

Anyway, back in the day, you had to have DEDICATION. You had to have GUTS. You had to be JUST geeky enough to understand basic html, but enough of an exhibitionist to not care that everyone has seen a hippo coming out of my “barn door”.

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen – for WELL over a decade. How many of you can say THAT in the year 2015? Ha-ha!

Triumph, Middle-School. We’re just young enough not to be Old School, still old enough to teach you bastards some real shit. Keeping it 97%… for real, though, anyone who claims 100 and ain’t, like, Gandhi or some shit, I’m gonna take a pass.

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