Simple Two Paragraph Candle Fire Purification

As a self-dedicated Priestess of what I call Native-European Traditionalism, I took an oath to educate anyone who is seeking knowledge. I look at books as entities, in an abstract sense – knowledge is power.

This visualization segment is based on a Hermetic Magick Banishing Ritual, developed in the 19th/ 20th century, based off of alleged Greco-Roman-Egyptian Cults of Knowledge, not necessarily Pagan European Tribes (in case you were curious). Without Further Ado, here is the simplest purification segment for your rituals ever!!

Light a candle. Imagine the flame filling the room, until everything is engulfed, all negative energy is purified to higher vibrations, until there is nothing but ash. Imagine a wind blowing the ash away, and the flame out. If the flame was that big, imagine how strong the wind will be.

At the end of your ceremony, imagine the room filling up with water, purifying the space again. Once the room is full, starting from the center, the water becomes crystal (stone, not ice – make sure you evoke the earth energy transformation). One the room is “secure”, you can energize the crystal with Light.

That’s it! For more information about the proper Order of Spellcraft, stay tuned for the next blog!

Blessed Be!!
Rev. Rebel

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