Hatred and Hyperbole: Why We Know Bigots are Full of Shit

Regional Comedian and Podcaster Bram Zwingli expresses his feelings candidly, regarding the June 26th, 2015 Supreme Court Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage.

We all – by ‘We’, I mean the ‘Liberals’ – heard about the preacher who swore, if gay marriage was legalized, he would set himself on fire.

We all – and I mean ‘the world’ – heard about the Racist Prayer Group Terrorist.

What do they have in common? Besides being white, male, and over 21 (a phrase I didn’t know until I lived with my relatives from Florida this past March), they’re both completely full of shit.

One of the key signs of Emotional Blackmail is threatening to harm yourself or others if you don’t get your way. Basically, by threatening to immolate himself (apparently, some White Privilege knock at the monk who set himself ablaze to protest the occupation of Tibet), you’re participating in bullying tactics. Why? Now that people aren’t living with the AIDS scare, rationality has been able to creep back into the American discussion of Homosexuality – you can’t just tell people they’re going to grow hairy palms and expect them to not try to Google that shit.

What makes this man’s declaration even more disturbing? A Texas pastor actually DID set himself ablaze in a strip-mall parking lot about a year ago, in June of 2014. He was rushed to a hospital and later died. Why did he do such a thing?

He called on the community to repent and said he was “giving my body to be burned, with love in my heart” for those who were lynched in his home town as well as for those who did the lynching, hoping to address lingering racism.

In his letters, obtained by The Washington Post, he called his death an act of protest. He said he felt that after a lifetime of fighting for social justice, he needed to do more.

“I would much prefer to go on living and enjoy my beloved wife and grandchildren and others,” he wrote, “but I have come to believe that only my self-immolation will get the attention of anybody and perhaps inspire some to higher service.”

Moore had gone on a two-week hunger strike in the 1990s to move the United Methodist Church to remove discriminatory language against homosexuals. While working with the Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty, he stood vigil in front of George W. Bush’s governor’s mansion to protest more than 100 executions. He served in the slums of India, Africa and the Middle East.

Moore had “a conviction that if the Bible stood for anything, it stood for radical inclusiveness,” the Rev. Sid Hall, a former colleague, told the Dallas Morning News. “If you ever were on the side of powerlessness, if you were ever on the margins yourself and were looking for someone to help you, Charles was the person.”

Lindsey Bever, The Washington Post; ‘A Texas Minister Set Himself on Fire and Died to ‘Inspire’ Justice’,

Obviously, this was a tragedy, and his loved ones, especially now, are mourning at his memory, rather than being able to celebrate this victory with a compassionate man who wanted to help the less fortunate – you know, like The Good Book says.

People want to make the best decisions they can based off of as much truth as possible. Filling the world with agenda-filled nonsense and then wondering why it’s not working anymore is about as stupid as wondering why John Henry’s dead and the machine keeps going – it’s the end of an era, things are never going back to the way they were.

Now, in relation to the recent church shooting, this young man claimed he was doing God’s work; bullshit. People are blaming his actions on the Confederate Flag; bullshit: A book or a piece of cloth (or even a WEAPON) doesn’t make you violent, spite-filled, and willing to take the lives of innocent children; being racist, either systemically or consciously, doesn’t make someone a murderer any more than being a Muslim. It’s the Extremists who try to excuse behavior by claiming a special immunity (i.e.: chosen by God – newsflash, didn’t work for Jesus, and he was fighting the government instead of mowing over lepers) which ruins it for the peaceful worshipers/ historians.

Once, my little brother got in trouble for drawing a swastika in class (I’ve heard all boys go through a ‘nazi’ phase – Black Ops 2 didn’t help), but when I tried to find out/ report whoever wrote “Dyke” on my best friends locker sign, after she had dealt with assaults and slurs already, I was told that wasn’t why the hall cameras were installed. Not understanding the meaning behind a symbol (or having it mean something completely different to you) should not trump actual and systemic harassment and intimidation of a community, but, for some reason, it does. Maybe because it’s easier to attack an inanimate object rather than dispel an incident already in-progress; who knows?

Now, a chorus of “I’m moving to Canada” can be heard around the country, which is its own article…

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