You’re WRONG!

If you’re Black, you’re a Thug.

If you’re White, you’re a Racist.

If you’re Muslim, you’re a Jihadist.

If you’re Christian, you’re the Devil.

If you’re Gay, you’re a Heretic.

If you’re Straight, you’re a Bigot.

If you’re a Woman, you’re a Cunt.

If you’re a Man, you’re an Asshole.

If you’re an Adult, you’re an Idiot.

If you’re a Teenager, you’re a Brat.

If you’re an American, you’re a Bully.

If you’re an Immigrant, you’re a Parasite.

There is just NO winning this game…

Oh, except when people tolerate each other, regardless of their prejudices. Then, even though we can’t all agree, we can have a much better world for everyone.

Cue the Avenue Q:

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