Whistleblowers Say WHAT?!

I have long, and with much attachment (read: suffering), typed myself blue while trying to reason with people who were eating up propaganda with a spoon. For some reason, people think I’m ranting about ‘Autism’, and that’s just not the case: I’m ranting about CORRUPTION.

According to the whistleblowers’ court documents, Merck’s misconduct was far-ranging: It “failed to disclose that its mumps vaccine was not as effective as Merck represented, (ii) used improper testing techniques, (iii) manipulated testing methodology, (iv) abandoned undesirable test results, (v) falsified test data, (vi) failed to adequately investigate and report the diminished efficacy of its mumps vaccine, (vii) falsely verified that each manufacturing lot of mumps vaccine would be as effective as identified in the labeling, (viii) falsely certified the accuracy of applications filed with the FDA, (ix) falsely certified compliance with the terms of the CDC purchase contract, (x) engaged in the fraud and concealment describe herein for the purpose of illegally monopolizing the U.S. market for mumps vaccine, (xi) mislabeled, misbranded, and falsely certified its mumps vaccine, and (xii) engaged in the other acts described herein to conceal the diminished efficacy of the vaccine the government was purchasing.”

These fraudulent activities, say the whistleblowers, were designed to produce test results that would meet the FDA’s requirement that the mumps vaccine was 95 per cent effective. To the whistleblowers’ delight, the judge dismissed Merck’s objections to the case proceeding, finding the whistleblowers had plausible grounds on all of the claims lodged against Merck.

–Lawrence Sullivan, ‘Merck Has Some Explaining To Do Over Its MMR Vaccine Claims

Now, I’m already outraged over this, being the sort of person to go, “Where does the money for all this research come from?” When I ask this question, I’m shown the very studies whose very validity I’m questioning, and get no answer. The first sentence of this article sums up my agitation:

Almost every major U.S.-based pharmaceutical company in 2012 — and nearly 40 percent worldwide — had at least one board member in a leadership position from a U.S. academic medical center, raising potentially problematic conflict-of-interest questions, according to University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine researchers.

–UPMC, ‘Ties Between Big Pharma and Leaders of Academic Medical Centers Raise Conflict-of-Interest Questions

From there, it just goes on: financial compensation, “responsibility to shareholders”, etc. If you keep reading, it mentions the Sunshine Act – if you look for the Sunshine Act, you’re allowed to download it, but you are warned:

Some datasets, particularly the general payments dataset included in the zip file containing identifying information, are extremely large and may be burdensome to download and/or cause computer performance issues. Downloading the files with the assistance of the Akamai Download Manager application should make downloading the data easier by offering the option to pause and restart downloading to minimize resource allocation impact. Be advised that the file size, once downloaded, may still be prohibitive if you are not using a robust data viewing application. Microsoft Excel has limitations on the number of records it can display, which this file exceeds.

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Website

Wait… I can’t open this in Excel? It might “cause computer performance issues”? Why do I feel like I’m in ‘The Labyrinth‘ right now?

Now, you can look for yourself – I provided the link – but I really don’t wanna download the damn thing right now. I feel like A) I don’t trust these guys already, and B) I don’t want to risk the only connection to the internet I have. May I be so bold as to say that, in and of itself, is the very evidence I mean to convey.

Now, they’ve only been collecting data since 2013 – I’m very, very concerned with how many transactions have occurred to warrent a size warning from Digital Text alone. Also, why is this not just in a PDF, since its main purpose is public consumption, instead of using, what I assume to be, the raw data. I’m Excel-Illiterate, for the most part, so, C) I’m already feeling overwhelmed – it took me an hour or so to plow through all the CDC data in the ‘a’forementioned Antivaccine Body Count, which the FAQ says it uses in order to calculate the Number of Preventable Deaths, even though it even says in the FAQ “However, the National Vital Statistics Reports are three years delayed which means that the 2007 death data was reported in 2010, the 2008 death data was reported in 2011, and so on,” implying it doesn’t actually have any figures past, at this point, the first month and a week of 2012. Feel free to read that run on sentence again – I know I had to.

It’s like how Gamers get pissed off when you slap Dorky Glasses on a Girl and make her hold a Test Tube in order to look smart: Or Ruin Everything, as the case may be. I digress – I found boobs – I hate the idea that if you give a guy a labcoat and pay them a shitton of money, that’s what makes them a legit scientist.

Tyrone Hayes is a legit scientist – read his story. Realize it took him 15 YEARS to get that story out to the public… you know, because they were threatening this man’s family in between having their way with the EPA.

So, do I believe vaccinations cause autism? I don’t fucking know.

I don’t fucking care, at this point – although, for some reason, that’s all most people can wrap their minds around, when I open my mouth – or type myself blue, as the case may be.

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