Talking to Myself

One of my favorite things to do is hold conversations with my brain.

Now, sit down and strap in for this one:

The warrior of light does not worry that, to others, his behavior might seem quite mad. He talks out loud to himself when he is alone. Someone told him that this is the best way of communicating with the angels, and so he takes a chance and tries to make contact.
At first, he finds this very difficult. He thinks that he has nothing to say, that he will just repeat the same meaningless twaddle. Even so, the warrior persists. He spends all day talking to his heart. He says things with which he does not agree, he talks utter nonsense. One day, he notices a change in his voice. He realises that he is acting as a channel for some higher wisdom.

The warrior may seem mad, but this is just a disguise.
–Paulo Coelho; The Manual of the Warrior of the Light

So, if we’re going off of psychology – Ego, Superego, ID – no, we aren’t “crazy”, there IS more than one entity inside our brains… kinda. The darn thing was BUILT like that, for cripes’ake!!

Anywho, because this is how my brain works, and this happens to be relevant information, now imagine: In the ancient world, people, most likely, Hand-to-God, heard the voice of God/ the Gods/ etc. ad infinitum, for realzies.

Did that mean it was actually happening? Well… that’s subjective. There is a good chance, according to this guy, it was all symbolic, or allegorical, if you will. If you won’t, doesn’t change a darn thing… and that’s kind of the point. Nomatter what you call “it”, “it” is still there. “A rose by any other name”-sort-of-a-deal.

So, I’m talking to myself… I’m aware of it, but it’s a part of my brain that thinks differently than my conscious mind, so I kinda need to. I am the Universe, the Universe is me. Make sense?

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