My Problem with Christians Getting Pissed About This Article

Yes, Dear Reader, this article.

For those who weren’t there, I’ll catch you up to how this came about:

I first said, after reading the part where all the parents were told to send their children with the appropriate head wear, which meant they could have made them stay home from school, honestly, “…and their parents thought it was alright, seeing as how they all had to bring their own scarves from home. I really don’t see the problem with immersing yourself in another culture, in order to better understand it.”

The response: “Muslims sueing the nation for having to say teh pledge of allegience but an entire class of non muslims being forced to wear head coverings observing another religions tennants they have no part of? And you find no hypocrisy in that? The parents that did mind kids didn’t get to go… it was not optional.. It is called conditioning look it up[.] Maybe Muslims should immerse themselve in Nations cultures they immigrate to rather then attempting to institute their bullshit Sharia law in every nation they immigrate to…

So, Freedom of Religion has no place in America, then? If you want to be American, you’d better be part of the Christian Nation? Now, I assume that’s what you’re insinuating, and I may be wrong, but that very attitude is what my response aims to respond to.

A) I was forced to say The Pledge of Allegiance until I refused in high school – I’m Pagan. My family is not, it was a choice I made, and it helped me see a lot of things those who identify as Christians take for granted. I was forced to participate in Christian Propaganda in saying the Pledge throughout high school, in addition to both private and public elementary, due to my being part of the JROTC. As economically disadvantaged as my family was, it seemed like the best way to get ahead in my (so I thought) inevitable joining of the US Air Force, wherein I would become an Aviation Mechanic. This was before I got my full ride to the University.

Once, when I was unable to do enough pull ups, my teacher said, “Where is your Goddess now?” To which I replied, still hanging from the bar of my own volition, “She has better things to do, Sir.”

B) “Under God” was added to the Pledge of Allegiance in the 1954 as part of McCarthy-era propaganda. Pledging allegiance to anything over and over and over again, at the beginning of every school day, in my opinion, is conditioning. One school trip is not, in comparison. Based on what I learned in Behavior Modification, you would, in order to condition someone appropriately, use a very specific method using a reward schedule based on a predetermined number of intervals. A single incident does not an interval make.

C) You’d be amazed at the curiosity of a child, when it comes to trying something new, like wearing a different outfit or praying TO THE SAME GOD a different way than they’re used to. Allah is still the God of Abraham, the Father of Christ, whatever you wanna call that particular Monotheistic Being.

That’s what gets my dander up about this article, as concisely as I can say.

And do you ever learn about non-monotheistic religions in school?! Not once was I told who Aradia was, nor Thor… the best we got was some Greek Gods in 9th Grade English, so we could understand Shakespeare better. Native European Traditions aren’t taught – it’s Italy and who they fought; that’s world history – let alone anyone else’s whose founders didn’t have the word ‘Great’ in their name…

Two words: Germanic Tribes.

Now me? I respect tribes – the Romani in particular. However, I digress.

The point is, Spain was exceptionally tolerant and cultured until the Catholics came along…

…I mean, you’re telling me, if you found a naked wolf woman out hunting one day, you wouldn’t make her put on a dress to go to church with you? A pantsuit? An overcoat?

In essence, this is a really poor way of explaing how this is culturally relevant, and I’ve, in my ignorance, probably pissed off the side I was trying to make a case for… then again, it was supposed to be my side kinda, but I digress again. Then again, I make it a point to study other cultures for my own personal enjoyment.

I’m sorry, I’m sure you’re making a good point, too, I just can’t hear you over the sound of America trying to make me accept hierarchies as Divine Law by instilling feelings of inadequacy from a young age.

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