An Open Letter to Terry Branstad

Alright, Sir, I’m going to make this short and sweet.

According to a quote off of the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy article entitled ‘Iowa Board of Pharmacy Rules Against Medical Marijuana Petition‘, posted on March 19th of this 2014th Year of Our Lord:

Under Iowa law, marijuana is classified as both a Schedule I controlled substance (CS) and a Schedule II CS, in part due to rules established in 1979, which authorized the Board to establish a medical marijuana research program.

In the ruling, the Board argued that it lacked the legal authority to establish such a program, and that the reclassification of marijuana it recommended in 2010 would be “best accomplished through legislative action.”

I am told you have the bill in your hand on this very day. If I could say one thing to you, it would be this:

The medical community has an ethical responsibility to use the safest, most effective treatment on their patients.

Their recommendation is one you can trust for Iowa.

Thank you,
A Native European-Iowan

One thought on “An Open Letter to Terry Branstad

  1. There are many beneficial attributes to the medical use of marijuana worldwide. Patients with serious illnesses and mental illnesses would benefit greatly due to its healing properties. For example, chronic body aches and physical disorders would cause an uncomfortable lifestyle. Incorporating medical marijuana would greatly lesson the burden the physically sick endure allowing them a better class of living by relaxing the body. I am classified as an individual who suffers from bi – polar disorder, depression, intrusive thoughts, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, stress, and a very clouded mind at times. Two weeks ago I had such a congested mind that wouldn’t stop having rapid thought creating a desperate need to slow the thoughts down so I can sleep, but the rapid thoughts would not escape me. In order to get past them, even for a few minutes, I cut my arm with a pill cutter causing scars that will never fade. When I cut its like a transference of attention, my mind would slow due to the focus gravitating towards my cuts and blood. If I were to be granted the use of medical marijuana, I’m positive that the effects would slow me down causing me to relax, slow my thoughts, relieve anxiety and stress and hopefully lessen my rapid thoughts leaving me with an option better than self mutilation. If there is any chance that this act were to pass, people suffering from PTSD, stress, anxiety, bi – polar disorder and other mental illnesses as well as physical illnesses would greatly benefit and aid them by helping relieve their afflictions and granting them a helpful way to make each day more bearable.

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