I’d Better Be Anticipating Menstruating…

Another one of those “I set out to conquer the world and set it free” plans turning into “why hasn’t that damn cat brought me my magical powers” very quickly up in this bitch. Seriously, This Bitch – moi.

So, anyone raise their hands if they don’t know about my lifestyle. For crap’s sake, I did a No Shame skit about it  when I was, like 19, or something, covering BDSM – BD, DS, SM – and why you can’t lump them all together. I get pissed off when people lump Paganism and Satanism together. I mean, I respect Satanism for what it is, but it’s just plain inaccurate to equate them. I’m sure most Satanists would agree.

Emilie Autumn is just playing in my head anymore.

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