Statistically Speaking

I usually post in two-day bursts and then abandon the concept. Maybe the Maharishi University was less of a match than I thought it would be. Or maybe there’s a purified, energized, efficient version of myself out there somewhere – and I’m gonna make her tell me everything she knows!

Quantum Leap!!

…I mean, what?

Oh, hello.

I came up with this really good poem the other day, and I ended up forgetting to write it down. By ‘the other day’, I mean, ‘before I started typing this’. A few hours, I’d say. Long enough to forget things. It’s unfortunate, because it may have been a maxim. I felt clever for having come up with it.

I have been writing daily, I just haven’t been posting. Keep in mind, I’m going to school full time, trying to take on a part time position on top of that, then on top of that, I volunteered to direct my own show. So that’s – there’s that.

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