Raising the Minimum Wage

I swear, I ever run for president, I’m going to direct people to this blog right here.

In order to increase purchasing power, raising the minimum wage – especially so suddenly; it took a while to implement the last time – isn’t going to solve it. Yeah, I’m a theatre major whose only office job is for a literary magazine, but I’m also an intellectual. I listen, I pay attention, and I form my own opinions about things. Well, I choose to believe or disbelieve the most popular one(s) – your call.

If my good friend was correct, France tried to cap good prices once (to increase purchasing power, the real issue we are trying to address BY increasing the minimum wage) and this resulted in a bread shortage. Now, I grew up in the town with the Hostess factory – every year, rehearsing for the summer musical, that factory was right next door to the Arts Center, and you know what? Treat your olfactory nerves to freshly baked bread – so there is no bloody way I can even understand what that – except the factory did shut down recently… there will be no more baked bread. Oh, Gods… is that why the director’s quitting? Did he go see the gypsy lady (who, funnily enough, set up camp by the Hostess Outlet Store closest to my mom’s house) and did she say – “the year the summer doesn’t smell like bread, that will be your last year”? That would be creepy. And Steel Magnolias… he’s doing that for Patty. I’m sorry, but it’s true.

Where was I? Ah, yeah, not-small-town-tittering. Bread shortage. Pre-Revolution Factors. Whatever:

“It is obvious how far these lower-class individuals go in creating factions. In Paris there are perhaps four thousand stocking weavers. When the first devaluation took place, they wanted to have five sous more per pair of stockings, and this the merchants were obliged to give them. With the second devaluation, the merchants wished to reduce this five sous increase. The workers refused, the merchants complained, and the workers rebelled. They threatened to beat up those among them who would work for a lower wage, and they promised one écu a day to those who would have no work and could not live without it. To do this, they chose a secretary who had a list of the jobless and a treasurer who distributed the stipend.”

I guess the point I’m trying to make is that fucking with a lower-class person’s money (just for the simple fact of ‘whose side are the numbers on, anyway’) doesn’t fix the problem of ‘these guys are charging too much’. What fixes this in a capitalistic society? More businesses!! More competition!! More Brand Loyalty!! It’s what Capitalism thrives on!!!

See, we can fix this – we just have to undercut the mugs. [I’m trying to use less profanity, not more slang, I swear.] We have to make them charge less or create a more durable, valuable product. Patents aside, grocery items aside, electronics and technology are a huge opportunity waiting to be lifehacked. Seriously, I’m taking up soldering. Why? Because A) I didn’t realize how expensive it was and B) it gives me the opportunity to become more self-sufficient and less “i’d better just throw it away”. What I wouldn’t give to have the ability to repair my headphones or something. I think I also need to learn electrical things. Yes! When I can build and program (there’s ANOTHER skill) my own electronics, I will sell them to people. I mean, you should do that, if you’re good at it. Fuck Silicon Valley, come to Iowa and set up shop. Cost of living’s cheap, plus, trees. EVERYWHERE, I swear – they’re coming up through the sidewalks and everything. There was an article in the paper once about the time a particularly recognizable tree got cut down in our metropolitan area.

Jeez, I keep digressing… anyway, that’s my remedy TL;DR increase competition by increasing the number of businesses, in order to “organically” decrease prices in the US. Hell, international businesses, am I right? Oak-A.

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