Men just love differently from women

Men just love differently from women

askchazzellis puts forth a male’s perspective on male/ female relations in his video referenced at the link above. At around 2:10, he begins to explain what women look for (generally) in feeling fulfilled in a relationship. “Women are all about gestures and things you say… You can do all kinds of things for a woman that have nothing to do with shit you actually need… We don’t see the point… This isn’t every single woman, but the vast majority like those things.”

Wanna know why?

No, it just popped into my head. Now, granted, I don’t claim to speak for all women. I only speak for myself, and I noticed I do tend to place higher importance on A) Gender and B) Gesture. Entire tomes have been written in cliches like, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach;” “I won’t give you singing lessons until you clean your car;” and the ever popular, “Do you think a man is going to want to sleep with someone who wets the bed?”

I don’t want to analyze these sentences as matriarchal society desperately clawing for control – but read into them what you will. The point of this example is: controlling someone’s behavior through coercion, withholding water, food, and travel from house guests from abroad unless they clean your house; it doesn’t matter if it’s an international issue or a domestic issue. This information I’m giving here is not to be used to control people. It will backfire. It is meant to understand yourself, so as to revise communication strategies and promote a genuinely healthy relationship.

TL;DR The only reason why ‘most women’ want the things they don’t need is because those are taken care of. You like getting socks for Christmas? No! Unless you’re over 25 (physically or mentally, makes no difference) or have children (actually have them, not just ‘plopped em out’). Either way, this barren 25-year-old believes women don’t necessarily have low self-esteem, but they have the good sense to know that celebrities are celebrities and real women chose groceries over a haircut (unless that haircut, in the next 24 hours, will bring in more revenue, such as the entertainment industry – as long as the priorities are straight).

Anyway, tangety-goodness. Still here? Excellynt.

When a man comes in and pampers a woman who has been “get up, go there, go there, go another place, come home, go there, go here, go there, go another place, come home, cook food, eat, give my man a backrub and don’t be a bitch when he doesn’t offer to give me one back because his tummy’s too full”, a little reminder of why I’d want to keep up this pace helps.

(3:27) I take care of people because that’s how I was raised. Tradition does have a lot to do with it.

I might update later in the day.

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