When Doves Die

When Doves Die

Ominous. I do believe that’s the point of releasing the bird? Find out if it’s good or bad, omnipotence that sort of thing.

I think God would talk to this Pope. Serious.

I mean, think about it. All the good things this Pope has done…

…then again, Ares/ Mars energy is very strong right now. So, in Rome, depending on what system you believe in will determine how you perceive this event. Also, maybe it’s a restricted location. I mean, native europeans never heard of aphrodite or hera – they were too busy being, I don’t even know, like, woodland elves and shit. Fae folk. Drinking and bonfiring and bows and arrows and body paint and horned beast helmets.

Except for Arthur and Merlin, I know very little English folklore. I need to learn more. Thanks, Wikipedia!

Huh, well, anyway, this is a weird thing that’s going on in today’s world. I don’t think there will be peace right now, and asking for it now, of all times… wait until the heavens are out of their wrath stage or something.

As of now, I’ve only been making fun of the title. I suspect a good number of people do that. Here, let’s read it!

Let’s see. Seagulls. “Messengers from the gods,” eh?
Let’s see. Crow. Change. Huh. God is declaring change will… upset the peace?

They managed to escape. Maybe it means “walk the talk”. Maybe the Pope has to publicly condemn the violence going on. Has he? Probably. That’s what the peace prayer was about, I bet.

A seagull a year before, as well? Huh. Well. I mean… yeah. You didn’t hear him the first time. You want peace? Something has to change. What has to change? What would “change for the better” look like?

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