Still Here? Good.

Whoa, just read my last blog post.

…dodged that bullet.

Welcome back to the Tenth Anniversary Virginity Re-enactment Ceremonies. I’ll me your – be your – MC for this event. Same thing.

No, I don’t frivolously spend my money on bars and nipples – learned that lesson early.

Okay – serious. Going to be serious now –> Classes are going splendidly. I’m starting to look at the prices of adult acting classes and rent in various (read: one) location(s). I have a bookcase; this makes me happy.

So, I’m still waiting to hear back about the Playwriting contest. All of them, I suppose. I wrote my first Playwriting Assignment. It might be a little short, but I went through and proofread the document. I’m thinking about sending it to Cynthia. I don’t know. I need to make myself write and post things on a regular, you know?

So, I just saw the ‘Modern Family’, and it got me to thinking about how the world has changed. If I make myself write – blog, poetry, whatever – this is an instant publishing source. I type, people read. Simple. I can publish my own plays. Muahahahahahaha.

Make them free, ask for donations, should people perform them. Or, also, Kindle link from this blog for things like that? So I at least get paid for one? Meh. Samuel French? Dramatist’s Guild of America?! Yes. I like hoops. I like successfully jumping through obstacles to come out praised at the end. I just do. So, sue me. Except, by ‘sue me’ (gotta love math), I mean ‘Runaround Sue’. And that’s already happened, so moot point. I have pictures and a wedding certificate (it exists digitally, damn it) to prove it.

Been watching a lot of ‘Wilfred’. I mean, I love that show. Just the pure innocence of evil, it’s amazing. It’s primal. I enjoy this actor. I don’t even know his name, that’s how little I want to break the suspension of disbelief. Eventually, though, everyone wants to know what Wilson really looks like. Earl Hindman, of course, comes out in a flowing robe, because WILSON!

One time, the brothers were making a plaster cast of his face, and I remember wanting to get the technology to splice that image onto the top half (because the bottom was exposed). Like, within my generation, that is no longer an issue. Besides IMDB, I could totally take a screenshot or something and, like five seconds later, boom. Unbelievable. Awesome. I love the future. I was born at the perfect time to appreciate this stuff and be young enough to understand how it works. I suppose, however, so are my grandparents. Which I’m fine with, of course. I like Donovan more than Moody Blues, but I like construction better than gardening. So, sue me.

Anywho, f’ing Ukraine and Russian Fashion Journalists – coincidence? Probably.

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