Thanksgiving Break

So, guess what I did for Thanksgiving break! Absolutely nothing productive, for one.

I had this whole plan that I was going to rehearse my tap dancing for an hour every day, then I was going to work on my monologues, then I was going to run through my songs… and etc to the nth, and what did I really do? Run through steps twice. However, this must have paid off, because I am totally able to do the sequence now. HOORAY! Maybe less is more.

I love how I can push ‘ctrl-i’ and have it be italics.

Anywho, I definitely have not the self-discipline to make myself be doing all of the creative things… yet. To be fair, if this were my constant state, I could be tired for about one more week before I’d start getting bored. Yep, keep telling yourself that, Self.

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