Work Begets Work

They want me for voice overs!! This makes me happy that the Universe decided to make me magically show up where I needed to be without much forethought on my part… I mean, I was going to reschedule the auditions, but no. Universe said, “You forgot your music, go to the Library! Now, copy your music!! Now, walk over there and sit your ass down and wait your turn!!!”

…and, of course, Universe knows best. I even made it to class on time. Speaking of which, I’m too old for this shit. I graduated a year early from high school, I was supposed to be graduated before I could legally drink, now I’m going to graduate in the 25 – 30 age range. Fucking special.

Perhaps it is the 10 Minute Play Festival… maybe it’s the singing lessons… either way, there is a reason why I’m still here.

Caitlin interviewed me last night… it was okay, as far as ‘me remembering to pause for takes’.

Also, I’m back to my old job, the one where I make a couple hundred a night. AND the playhouse asked me to work Spotlight for the Children’s Theatre Christmas Show. AND I’m getting more hours at the Lit Magazine – I just updated the Index. HOORAY!!

I don’t know whether or not I should submit more 10-Minute Plays. I have one or two more… I have one musical, I’m working on another, and I officially have over half and hour of music for my set. I really need to get on my own ass more about finding an open mic, as well as talking to the sound guys at Spicoli’s or wherever… I assume Spicoli’s; that’s the Reverb…

…upon Googling, it seems only Jameson’s (every Wednesday) and Cup of Joe (every third Friday) have regular Open Mic nights. I also saved a few Wikihows… ‘How to get your band gigs’ and ‘How to something something home recording studio’. Apparently you need demos to book gigs… wha??? I don’t… okay. That’s what working is for. Yep. I’m freaking doing this. I’ve played a few songs at No Shame, so I know I can get up in front of people on my own and plunk and croon at the same time.

I LOVE ‘Mr. J’; it is my favorite out of all the songs I have… I mean, it’s the darkest thing I’ve written music-wise, so that’s why I have sentimental attachments to it. So, I have:
1. One Last Ride
2. Not Knowing (which I might need better lyrics for, at some point)
3. Dust
4. All Tybalt’s Fault
5. Ruthless
6. Mr. J
7. There’s a Reason
8. Ending Line
Not bad, I wouldn’t say. I’m working on two right now. I found the lyrics to one song that I fucking still hear in my head every time I read the lyrics; good thing I know how to get that shit outta my head and onto paper. I would be freaking frustrating at this point in my life. Oh, yeah, if I had graduated when I was “supposed to”, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to learn any music theory whatsoever.

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