This is not your typical Veterans’ Day post…

My ex (a Marine who boasted about the work he avoided and who mocked anyone who thanked him [or anyone else, for that matter] for their service) told me most military men don’t go in to “protect” or “serve” their country – they go in to get away with killing people, or in hopes they’ll die themselves. Do you agree?

When I was in JROTC, I wanted in to bring honor to myself and my family by joining the military (but Dionysus had other plans for my soul). In the last five years, I have had the privilege of meeting men and women who hold the values of valor, initiative, and integrity, and choose to call me their sister.

Governments who lie to men to get them to die, or worse, force them into combat, either through drafts or creating economic conditions which make murder seem like a lucrative option to a teenager, all for the monetary gain of conglomerates which aspire to operate in any and all countries/ states/ territories, etc., are my enemy. I’m sorry for the existence of a propaganda machine which fuels the death and debilitation of good people around the world.

Real Warriors are few and far between; Ares calls men (and women) from all walks of life to fulfill their destiny. I’m grateful for the experience and wisdom your duty has brought. May your weapons only end suffering, free the oppressed, and protect the innocent.

For those of you, past, present, and future, who take up martial arts, arms, or vows of non-aggression for the true purpose of protection against tyranny and for the liberty of human-kind everywhere, you have my undying respect.

Here is your music video for the day: ‘The War Drags On‘ by Donovan.

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