Art Work

Today, I sat my happy ass down in front of the piano in the green room at school and wrote the piano part for one song, if not two – it depends on what I choose to do with the second song, if I keep what I wrote or change it, that sort of thing. I’m missing the lyrics to one song (in print, I mean; I have the lyrics on my computer), but with that song and the two new ones, I definitely have a half an hour solo set. I was thinking about not working this winter break and devoting myself to full-time music (getting opening gigs, recording [once I get equipment/ find someone who will treat me professionally and let me use their studio], lots of rehearsal, working on even more songs!!!).

In order to be professional, I’m going to have to treat this like a job and put in the hours. I might work 4 – 6 hours daily instead of 8, but I won’t go through it once or twice a week and call it good. I learned how to rehearse a set, and I intend to do so. I will work on songs individually for most of the week, then take one or two days to run through the set. The only thing I don’t know is how early I need to “book” myself. I know there are open gigs, and I intend to do one of those first before networking and finding out who would like me to play for them as an opener. My first band gave me experience I would never have had, and I am eternally grateful for the opportunity, but it just didn’t work out. That saddens me, because I really liked the music and it was a great ego boost. When I earn this on my own, I’ll feel even better, I just know it! I made a few friends in the industry, including one manager who is the bee’s everything! I know she’ll like at least one song, due to the subject matter.

I find myself writing songs with pop culture references (at least two, if not three, so far), and I hope it will help me reach out to an audience, or at least get one good song out to the masses.

I re-enrolled in Playwrighting next semester – hopefully, I’ll be able to crank out this frikkin’ musical before I tear all of my hair out. I had a brilliant idea for one of the songs, and the great thing is, it becomes a reprise. Maybe someday, people will read this and think to themselves, “Really, it’s that easy? Just like a jigsaw puzzle, it takes time and intention? Hot diggity, maybe I can do it, too!” I love being delusional… muahahahahaha.

I’m Assistant House Managing – I don’t know if I mentioned it before or not – so I’m constantly surrounded by a musical whose score was written by Duncan Sheik – as in ‘Barely Breathing‘. Yeah, except for the whole ‘daughter molesting’ part, it’s actually not too bad, when it comes to songs. To be fair, there is no good way to write something like that, unless you’re Natalie Imbruglia or Jonathan Davis. There’s a certain subtlety that’s missing… something about the word “nightgown”, perhaps.

I surprise myself with how capable I am on a regular basis.

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