I started writing in my journal again. Then, I tried posting a comment on a website that, although it wouldn’t allow me to post properly, signed me back into this profile. So, here I am.

I have written my first draft of a (two-act?) musical, at least two ten-minute plays, and +20 poems intended to be song lyrics. It’s probably my destiny to be a writer, so I’m making myself blog again. I have to communicate to the word somehow – if I don’t, I might as well not exist. My social skills leave much to be desired, so here I am. I should be doing my homework – but that seems to be a repeating theme in my week.

I intend to devote Sundays to recording – either monologues, skits, or songs. Well, you know what they say, “The road to Hell…” Funny thing is, I just had a dream there was a reboot of ‘All That’ (the sketch-comedy show on Nickelodeon) on which I became a writer. I’m pretty sure I cried in my sleep. To be fair, I also dreamed I was a video game character, complete with inventory and kidnapping this one dude’s girlfriend with the intention of pimping her out – he was already doing it, I was “taking his property”. IRL, I’m very against the idea of commodifying people, but I knew it was a video game while I was playing it. Literally, had too many inventory slots filled.

…I’ve been writing this bibliography so long, I can estimate how many words I’ve written within ~10.

I finished it. 2500 word annotated bibliography. Took me 3 – 4 days.

This blog took me a day to type. Gah.

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