Where is he?!

You want to know the problem with the world? Here it is:

There are no such things as ‘Bad Guys’.

Everyone thinks they are the good guy.


I do, I’m betting you do, and even if you don’t, any action you take you can probably justify to yourself in one way or another.

So, if everyone is human, despite the role of authority (or lack thereof) society assigns or one earns, you are Superman out to protect the world from Lex Luther. What if there were no ‘Lex’ or ‘Alien Invasion’? What if the ‘Gun Nuts’ don’t want to start a civil war over banning a specific and, frankly, accessorized “piece” of weaponry? What if the ‘bankers and politicians’ weren’t in cahoots to either suppress the lower and middle classes en masse or brainwash our children into become little consumer whores?

What if everyone who you were afraid of thought the only reason they were doing what they were doing was because they thought it would be the only way to save their family or their community? Why would we ever hate anyone ever again? Grieve loss in one’s own paradigm, yes, but harass and stigmatize them and anyone who chooses to resemble that person for the rest of your life, let alone the rest of this sentence?

I believe everyone wants peace. I’m also probably ideologically delusional at best and living in a fantasy world of my own creation, complete with demonic armies led by a Red-Haired woman in a purple dress who wants to bed my beau  and Christ Complexes and inane mythology that makes H.P Lovecraft as viable a writer of religious authority as King James. Either way, my only true weapon is Love.

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