“I have never written a word that did not come from my heart. I never shall.”

–Nelly Bly, The Evening-Journal; January 8, 1922

Theatre Veteran, Comedian, and Entrepreneurial Writer/ Filmmaker, L.C. (pronounced ‘Elsie’) Kent has a great interest in Social Awareness, Civil Rights, Justice, World History, and the Psychological Arts, which she expresses in this blog and on her YouTube Channel.

The (general) purpose of L.C.’s writings and video content is to inspire thought and action towards the common good and general welfare of all human beings, especially those who are particularly vulnerable for a myriad of reasons.

Role Model Elizabeth Cochran, aka Nelly Bly (after the infamous song) was willing to put herself in mortal danger in order to help victims of institutions and business practices without destroying the system as a whole – she didn’t want to destroy the world, she just wanted to make it better. She wanted freedom and equality for all people from all walks of life, regardless of the circumstances into which they were born.

She wanted it so much, she endured general mockery, sexism, literal torture, and dismissal of her specific tribulations as colloquial click-bait. Nevertheless, mental health and prison facilities are now expected to treat the inmates like people instead of vile creatures, OSHA exists, and so do Unions, to protect the health and safety of factory workers. Life today in America is much better, thanks to whistleblowers like Nelly Bly.

If it is to be in my Cosmic Duties, I wish to resume the burden of Light Bearing started by Nelly and pass it on to the next generation, when the time is right.


Little Known Fact: L.C. shares the birthday of one Elizabeth J. Cochran


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